Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Sided Miser's Purse

One more show and tell today. I told you I had catching up to do! I just wanted to show you this One Sided Miser's Purse I designed. I used the basic premise of the two sided pattern I've been working on, but altered it so that it attaches to a ring and has just one pocket. I also changed the size to fit my iPhone. It opens and closes the same way and it's very comfortable to carry. You can just put the ring on one finger and clutch the chains or the pocket itself.

I guess I'm procrastinating on publishing my 1895 Miser's Purse Pattern. I keep going back and forth about the beaded trim and though I like the way it looks in person, it's not showing quite as well in the pictures I've taken. To bead or not to bead? That is my question!

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