Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful Knitted Scarf ~ With a Link to the Pattern!

My mom is visiting this week which means I get to share some of her gorgeous knitting with you. I just went downstairs to ask her if I could borrow this piece to take a picture. Instead of knitting, I found her lounging outside in the sun. It's her first day in Arizona after a couple snowy weeks in Virginia. Rather than interrupt, I borrowed the scarf and then returned it. She'll be surprised when she sees she is featured on my blog later today.

This stunning Painted Cables Scarf Pattern is one I purchased for my mom from a very talented designer right here in Arizona. The name of her store is Peacefully Knitting in Arizona and in it you'll discover a lovely collection of hat and scarf patterns. I think this one is particularly beautiful. The variegated yarn showcases the charming design. For this scarf, my mom is using Sensations It's A Wrap in Purple/Rose. I'll be back with more of my mother's creative work later this week.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Jenn.... It's gorgeous! Please tell your Mom that I love it.