Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby's Bib ~ A Vintage Reproduction From 1885 ~ Part IV

Back again with yet another bib picture. I actually am nearly done with this project. I just wanted to show you how the bib made up with the Debbie Bliss yarn I picked out.

I love the colors, but I've come full circle as far as yarn choice goes. What I plan to recommend for this project is Lion Brand Cotton. The Debbie Bliss is lovely, but I think it's too soft for a bib and probably will have trouble holding up under actual use. Lion Brand is a little thicker and less delicate looking, but I feel it's more equal to the task of being a bib.

There are hundreds of yarn brands out there. I know this, but again, I want to make my patterns using brands that people can pick up at a local chain. For this project, I want a natural fiber and one that is machine wash and dry. I'm going for practical here! Of course people will be free to choose their own favorite fibers. I was actually thinking of making this pattern up in ecru superwash merino and then hand painting it for my niece. It would be like a little piece of wearable art!

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