Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hair Jewelry ~ The Majestic Hair Flower

I can't believe it's the last day of February already! I've got so many things I've been meaning to show you!

When I go to an event like an art show or festival, I like to search for items that I think are unique and special and then bring them back to share with you. It's my way of supporting and promoting the arts. Plus, it's a lot of fun.

Last weekend I attended my state's Renaissance Festival and it was there that I discovered the Majestic Hair Flower. I might have missed them as there was so much to see and my senses were just trying to take everything in. It was more a case of the Majestic Hair Flower people finding me. I guess when you sell hair jewelry, you have to keep an eye out for women with long hair of which I am one.

The Majestic Hair Flower is a beaded, metal.... gee I almost don't know how to adequately describe it for you, so I'll let the creators do it for me, "With its roots in antiquity, this beautiful hair adornment works to make pony tail holder and bun shapes. More that 20 different hairstyles are possible all together, just by changing the shape of the Majestic Hair Flower. It moves and twists and turns making more than 60 shapes all together." You can visit their gallery to see more hair designs.

You can buy the Majestic Hair Flower from their website, or look for them the next time you are visiting a Renaissance festival. It's fun to see them demonstrate the different looks that can be achieved with this one amazing piece of art!

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