Thursday, February 11, 2010

Needle Felters, I Need Feedback Please

Every year I look to expand my inventory and offer my customers even more of what they are looking for. As a fiber shop that sells fiber by the ounce, I have always had the felting community in mind. For quite some time I have been thinking about selling felting needles, but I only want to sell them if I can offer a good price. That's leads me to my questions:

Is $12.oo too much to pay for 10 medium felting needles?
Do you buy your needles individually or in bulk?
Is 10 a nice amount to buy at a time?
Do you use a felting tool?

Thank you for your help!


ruthanne said...

i think 10 for $12 is a great deal - the clover ones run 5 for $7
i would buy 10 at one time - they don't break often but it would be nice to have some in a handle and then some individuals too.
i have never seen needles sold individually
i have used the clover felting tool and tried the wooden colonial one but didn't like it.

Jenn said...

Thank you so much ruthanne! It's good to know how you feel about the wooden felting tool because I was considering that one. I so appreciate your help!!!

oobbles said...

I think it's a reasonable price but not sure I would buy that many at once. I don't use a tool, just one needle at a time.

Jenn said...

Thanks oobbles! I'm taking notes....

Redd said...

I like buying them in 3 packs but that's just me. I use a Clover needlefelting pen tool thing. They take 3 of a kind at a time.

Jenn said...

Thanks Redd. It sounds like if I decide to carry them, I need to offer different amounts. That would be totally doable.