Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crochet Tassel Bag ~ Crocheting for Fun!

I'm just playing show and tell today with this shoulder bag I made just for fun. Lately, I've been working my way through 110 year old patterns which tend to mentally tire me out. I realized my brain needed a vacation from deciphering and pattern writing so the last time I was shopping for yarn, I picked up a couple cheap skeins of acrylic.

The great thing about acrylic yarn is that it's freakishly strong and durable making it a pretty good choice for a shoulder bag. In this case I used Olivine by Yarn Bee and I carried two strands as I crocheted to make it thicker and stronger.

The best thing about this project is not the new Tassel Purse that I get to add to my collection. The absolute sweetest part was just sitting down with some yarn, a crochet hook and NO PATTERN! It was like reuniting with an old friend and just hanging out. There's is nothing better sometimes than just design-as-you-go crochet without a serious goal or outcome in mind. If, like me, you haven't done it in a while, I highly recommend it. Crochet for fun!


Dyche Designs said...

I can't follow a pattern to save my life and love creating and seeing what happens. Love the bag, it looks great. :0)

Jenn said...

Oh, Thank you!