Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dyeing and Me ~ It Was Meant To Be!

Just a silly little post today. I had one of those OMG moments over coffee this morning. My mom is visiting and we were talking about science projects. My nephew is turning one in today and as a mom, I've worked on my fair share of science projects.

We began to share memories of past science fairs and that was when my mom reminded me that I did one on dyeing. I was in the 7th grade and I dyed yarn all different colors using natural ingredients. I wound the yarn into little discs and attached them to a poster board with explanations beneath each. I wish I could remember more details, but I can conjure a picture of that poster and my mom remembers that I received a good grade for my efforts.

It's so wild when you retrieve a memory long forgotten and given what I do these days, its incredible to remember dyeing yarn when I was 13. Little did I know what I would one day do as a beloved hobby and small business. What a foreshadowing of things to come!


WonderWhyGal said...

It's so funny that you mentioned dye and science experiments because I was just thinking about my veggie dye experiment back in the 6th grade. I just saw that teacher the other day...neither of us knew that many years later I would have my own alpaca farm and be dyeing my own fiber. Geez, now I want to blog about that. Thanks for the jog in memory.

Jenn said...

LOL! That's so great. It's fun to get these memory flashes. Now I wish I had the poster from that fair. I'd hang it on the wall of my studio!