Thursday, October 1, 2009

Silver Firestar ~ A Must Have If You LOVE Sparkle!

This post is my Ode to Firestar. Maybe I'm not the only spinner who can remember when they first discovered this miraculous sparkling fiber. For me, It was half a dozen years ago and back when I lived in Virginia. Every year, when the first weekend of May came around, I'd make my way up to Maryland for their annual Sheep and Wool Festival.

The travesty here is that I can't remember the name of the vendor, so if anyone reading this can enlighten us, please do. In the center of one of the long covered buildings, there was a seller, who among many other pretty wares, always had a couple large bags of mixed roving. It wasn't carded. It was wild, crazy colorful blends of mixed fibers, probably part of her destash, but the best part about these offerings, was the sparkle. What was that awesome, lustrous fiber creating endless twinkling as I turned the wool over in my hands? I knew it wasn't Angelina. It was even better. It didn't stick out like icicles on a Christmas tree, but blended and became one with the wool. I loved it!

It took me over a year to discover it's name and origin. The ladies running what became my favorite booth were always so busy that I felt awkward about distracting them with my questions. Finally I was able to learn that my favorite sparkling fiber was called Firestar. When I opened up Wind Rose on Etsy, I knew I wanted to offer this fiber. I figured that even if people were unfamiliar with it, one try and they would fall in love as I had.

Now I dye Firestar in every color of the rainbow and people do seem to be discovering it and loving it as I had hoped. Of all the colors I dye, Silver has emerged as the most popular. It is very beautiful and it's so striking when combined with other fibers. So the moral of this post, is if you love sparkle, you owe it to yourself to try Firestar. You don't need much. A little goes a long way, but oh, what results!

Click on the photograph to head over to my Firestar Section on Etsy. There you can see more pictures and read about Firestar in more detail!

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Redd said...

I actually learned about Firestar from your shop and I have fallen in love. I had more than recommended and I love the way it blends, the way it sparkles. I always want to add it to everything!