Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Portrait of a Packing Crafts Person

This blog post is pure procrastination. I have more than enough to keep me busy on this day before my family and I head off to Santa Fe, NM.

Well, I guess much has already been done in way of preparation. I can't stand to come home to a messy house, so the house has been tidied. Also, as we live in one of the warmest climates here in the US, my oldest son had to be taken shopping for clothes and shoes so that he will not freeze in New Mexico. My younger son can more than make due on the bounty of worn once hand-me-downs leftover from other such excursions. Finally, every last stitch of laundry has been processed to ensure no shortage of necessities.

It really won't take me any time at all to throw clothes into bags. Oh no, that's not the hard part. The pain of packing will come when it's time to figure out what to take to keep my kids and worst of all ME happy in a car for 8 hours. That's 8 hours both ways. Then there are evenings in the hotel and mornings spent waiting for everyone to shower and get dressed. All of those hours and minutes an ME away from my studio! Ack!

I have a small panic attack every time I consider that I might be in the mood to do something and my materials will not be at my finger tips. How about the horror of bringing a craft along and forgetting something critical like scissors or a needle? I can't stand it! Yes, the bulk of my day will be spent making sure I have every thing I need to be a happy little crafts person while I'm away. Oh sure, I'll be packing stuff for the kids too, but in this area, I am the needy one.

The very worst part is yet to be confessed! After I spend a ridiculous amount of time carefully packing more than I need to create more than any one person could ever create in a week... (I'm so embarrassed) I'll barely touch it. I already know this about myself, but I'll go through the same rituals anyway. It's madness! It's sick! It's TRUE!

However, until they find a cure, I'm doomed to repeat this pattern. I reach out to you today as a first step. First you have to admit you have a problem, right?

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Jenn said...

I'm happy to report that I did actually use my carefully packed craft supplies on this trip.

On the other hand, I am so displeased with what I made, I plan to rip it out and start all over. Ah well....