Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flying Fish Beaded Pendant Necklace

This whimsical Flying Fish Beaded Pendant Necklace is my latest offering at Wind Rose Fiber Studio.

You know, I almost don't know what to say. I get an idea in my head and it just doesn't matter if it's kind of silly or if I can even imagine anyone ever buying the finished product. I just tend to go with my impulses. Very often this leads to work that perhaps only its mother can love. I just don't know.

I spent several hours stitching each bead into place and backing the pendant for a nice finished look. Since the pendant has a playful nature, I felt like the chain should have one too. I took green waxed cotton and wove it through the silver plated chain adding additional green glass accent beads as I went along. When I got the idea to suspend the flying fish on a small length of waxed cotton, I just had to do it. It added that extra touch of whimsy which I felt brought the whole thing together.

You know, ever since I was a kid doodling on notebook paper, even my greatest efforts always had a comic quality. This used to make me crazy, but I think as I've gotten older, I've given in to it more. I let my work be just what it wants to be. When you're young, you think of yourself in more isolated terms, but later, you come to know that you are never alone. As artists and crafts people, I think we count on this. I know I'm counting on the notion that someone out there will see my flying fish and giggle and say, "That's fun!"

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