Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Churro Coyote Warp

I've been so busy showing off my treasures from Santa Fe, I haven't blogged about fiber for a while. That just won't do!

Pictured here is a special warp fiber made from Churro wool. When I was up in Taos, New Mexico, I stopped by Weaving Southwest in search of some fiber that was new to me and indicative of the area.

An excerpt by Connie Taylor from the Navajo~Churro Sheep Association informs us that,

"America’s first domestic sheep arrived over 400 years ago by the Spanish explorers and settlers. The history of the churra importation and distribution is fascinating and complex. Archives indicate that Merinos were too valuable to export from Spain, so the common sheep such as: Churra, Manchega, Castellana and Lacha were sent to the New World. The term "Churro" is translated to mean "common" and now refers loosely to all the breeds mentioned. Navajo-Churro, derived from the original Spanish stock, are now widely distributed in the U.S. with numbers approximately 6,000."

At Weaving Southwest, they have their local mill, Mora Mill, process Churro into a two ply grey and natural warp fiber. This distinctive blend is called Coyote Warp and you won't find it just anywhere. Coyote Warp is incredibly strong and the distinctive look makes it useful as a marking warp. When weaving rugs or blankets with intricate patterns, Coyote warp makes it easier to keep track of pattern placement. For example, if Coyote Warp is used instead of the regular warp every 10th fiber, the weaver can easily count out where to change colors.

I brought a couple pounds of Coyote Warp back with me. I wanted to try it out for myself and also have enough to share a few skeins with Wind Rose Customers. I don't have any listed just yet, but if you would like to give this fiber a try, I have a special offer for you.

Win 25 yards of Churro Coyote Warp for Free!
Be the first person to feature my Etsy shop, Wind Rose Fiber Studio, on your blog and then come back here and leave a comment so I can check out your post. I'll give you my email where you can send me your address and I will send you 25 yards of Churro Coyote Warp for free! I'll also blog about the winner with links back to your blog or your shop. May the first blogger win!


Anonymous said...

not sure what featuring means but I went ahead and gave ya some link love :-) http://www.woolandwings.blogspot.com

Jenn said...

Hi Anonymous. I totally appreciate the link love! I am looking for a feature though. A feature is an article devoted to a certain topic. Feel free to use photos from the shop and active links.

Thanks! Jenn

adriene said...

I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed your photos from your shop to put into my blog to link them to your Etsy listings. It's a great shop! I'm glad I stumbled upon it!

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