Monday, October 19, 2009

Brand New Drop Spindle Kit!

I love it when I sell a Drop Spindle Kit at Wind Rose. It makes me smile to think that there is another spinner being born and it means I get to design the roving for my next kit!

All of my Drop Spindle Kits come with a spindle (of course), leader cord, ecru fiber and most importantly directions. To make them extra special, I include two ounces of fiber that I make myself. I head on into my studio and select a pretty combination. Then I drum card them together always adding plenty of Firestar for sparkle. Then I even hand pull the carded batt into ready to spin roving. I want things to be nice and easy for my beginning spinner.

This latest kit is a combination of two Merino rovings, one turquoise and the other a soft purple. The sparkling Firestar is a night blue that seems to bring them all together. I believe that the first spinning experience can only be made better with really lovely fiber. I'm so happy with the way this roving turned out and I hope the next person who decides to join the world of spinning will feel the same!

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