Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Sheep Two Sheep

How's that for a smiling face to greet you to this post? LOL! This little guy and his fabulous smile come to you by way of Sun Country Traders in Santa FE, NM.

I was actually looking at something else in the store when my husband came to get me. "Hey Honey, you've got to see these sheep!" I wandered over to find a collection of Navajo folk art animals grinning up at me. You just can't help but smile back! Can you? :D

I'm not a collector the way some people are. I don't have a curio cabinet filled with anything, but it is hard for me to resist a great looking sheep. I knew right away that this one was coming home with me!

Once the ladies helping me discovered my love of the little animals, I was taken to another section of the store. Behind the counter on a shelf stood the sweetest hand beaded sheep I've ever seen. As a new beader, I have much respect for the time and care that must go into making a beaded figure. The resulting little sheep were so sweet. There were different colors to choose from, but there was something kind of demure about this sheep done in shades of ecru.

No two sheep could be more different, yet I love them both. Right now I have the folk art sheep displayed in a ceramic pumpkin patch on a table. Not far away is a large Mexican Folk Art Coyote. The poor sheep is too silly to know he's in any kind of danger. You know what he reminds me of? I think he looks a little like Donkey from the Shrek movies.