Monday, October 12, 2009

Here's what's coming!

I just thought I'd write a quick note tonight to let you know what's coming. Whenever I travel, I'm always on the lookout for interesting fiber and fiber arts, but other artwork as well. I'm coming home with some great pieces to show you.

I was fortunate to visit the ancient pueblo at Taos. There I met some lovely artisans, some of them working on pieces as we chatted. I have samples of pottery, carving and silversmithing to share.

In addition, the square in downtown Santa Fe was alive with street vendors on the Sunday I visited. I purchased some fantastic folk art from a vendor who is part of a cooperative of seven artists in Mexico. Just wait until you see my coyote! There was also a Navajo group show and I purchased a couple smaller pieces of pottery. Finally, I met a woman who made stunning wire wrapped and beaded necklaces. They are very unique and so artfully designed. I admit it. I bought two! One for me and one for my mom. I'll have pictures and all of the artist information coming.

I did go off street and into a few shops. One Navajo gallery was full of treasures. I bought a couple pairs of beaded hair clips. One pair is so sweet and so tiny, for my little niece. Also at this gallery, there was some terrific folk art. I picked up a wooden sheep with the best wild eyes and crazy grin. I'll have a picture to show you of him. Then I turned from the fanciful sheep to some lovely beaded little sheep figures. Wait until you see this beadwork. Every detail is perfect.

So what about fiber? I did find some! Up in Taos I visited Weaving Southwest. Always in search of the unique, I was directed to some Churro Coyote Warp that they have specially made at a local mill. "You won't see this anywhere else", I was told. It's a distinctive ply that is used to mark their warp threads when working on intricate designs. I'll have more information and pictures.

So I guess as posts go, this wasn't very short after all. I'm really looking forward to sharing the pieces I found with you. Whenever possible, I made sure to get the artist information and where their work can be found. Just give me a little time to drive back to Arizona and then I'll get busy!


alexkeller said...

i need to get back to visit santa fe and taos - have a safe trip back

Jenn said...

Thank you! It is definitely up there as one of my favorite vacation spots. I already miss Santa Fe!