Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nuno Felt - You want Pictures? I'll Show You Pictures!

The first comment on yesterday's article "A Brief History and Description of Nuno Felt" was kind of great, but ... where are the pictures? Well today I'm bringing on the pictures and I'm starting with our sneak peak artist Amysfunkyfibers! I've had a great time getting to know her work and now it's your turn:

This first nuno felted, silk and wool scarf she calls Charcoal. It's around 7 inches wide and 40 inches long. I love the way she has photographed this piece. It really shows how versatile nuno felt can be. On the right it's worn like a traditional scarf. In the middle it takes on the appearance of another stylish layer for an outfit and on the left, you can see that the scarf is light enought to tie and wear as an accessory all day long.

Moving on with a joyful splash of color, this piece is called Painted Daisies. The artist writes, "To make this scarf , I first hand dyed the silk chiffon base a pretty pink color. Then I began laying out a beautiful hand dyed wool and silk blend roving. The colors remind me of the painted daisies in my garden."

I love this picture! This scarf looks like it goes on forever! It's appropriately named Midnight Sky.

"Silk chiffon was first hand dyed black, gray and purple, then the fun began. Beautiful black wool, grey mohair fibers, and purple bamboo top were nuno felted into the chiffon using soap, water, and elbow grease. The result is a one of a kind wearable work of art. This scarf is very soft light weight and airy, you will feel like a dream when you wear it. It would look great with dressy black, or wear it as an accessory with your
favorite jeans and turtle neck."

How about one more? OK, you talked me into it! I'll finish off with a tasty treat entitled:

Fudge Caramel Cream Yum! "Luxurious, soft,light and warm. This wrap will take you on a walk on a fall day with a pair of jeans, or keep your shoulders warm on a special night out. Either way , you will feel fabulous." This gorgeous wrap measures a generous 19" x 60".

I'd like to thank Amy one more time for sharing her work with us! Believe it or not, this is not all you'll discover if you visit Amysfunkyfibers.

I hope these pieces have inspired you. Maybe now you're ready to try nuno felting. Maybe you'll just want to jump on over to
Etsy and start that holiday shopping!

Pssst - More artists are on the way! Have a great day!


Jan said...

Your work is lovely!

amysfunkyfibers said...

I am so complimented that you chose my work for your article. Thank you so much!

capitolagirl said...

Those scarves are lovely!