Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blog Talk Radio - The Blockhead Radio Show

I wasn't sure if I was going to write today. It would be so easy to curl up in front of the TV and watch CNN all night hoping the states turn a certain lovely shade of ..... ahem ..... I promised myself a long time ago that I was going to keep religion and politics out of my creative life! And the waiting kind of makes me crazy, so maybe I'll write a little.

I think of myself as pretty techy and in touch most of the time. After all, I run a web store, I blog, Tweet, Facebook, and Ravel with the Ravelry. Most of this I do while listening to audio books and podcasts. So I was surprised, when I was reading
agoodwitchtoo's blog, to find out about Blog Talk Radio. How could I have missed BTR? I immediately jumped over and signed up for an account so I could hear blockheadrod, agoodwitchtoo, huckleberryarts, and sewhappydesigns on the Blockhead Radio Show. All of these artists can be found on Etsy or in The Artisans Shoppe. I know that's a lot of links, but I just wanted to make sure you're hooked up if you want to be. The point is, I thought it would be cool to hear the voices behind the art and avatars. You know what I mean?

So at 7:00 last night I was ready. I moved my spinning wheel into the upstairs office along with the hemp I was working on and closed the door. After I logged on and exchanged greetings and links in the chat room. I moved to my spinning chair and prepared for a relaxing couple of hours, time where I thought I'd be doing my favorite thing; spinning and listening. Everything was going along nicely; the hemp, the talk radio, when in the middle of conversation I hear agoodwitchtoo say "come on windrose" (that's me) "jump on in!" I couldn't help but smile to hear my Etsy username called out from my computer. I obeyed and moved back to the keyboard. I made a few lame attemps at joining in the chat, but I'm much better at spinning and listening than typing and listening. Making matters more challenging was my son, the real artist in the house, busting in every couple minutes demanding I cut something out or examine a new drawing. Each time he opened the office door I was blasted with Guitar Hero and whatever classic rock tune my husband and my other son were playing. The worst moment was when the radio show had a call in and no one was calling, so I picked up the phone and dialed. Just as I punched in the last button, the young artist burst back in letting the video game noise in with him. He was talking and then I heard blockheadrod inquiring after me and I had a multi-taskng meltdown.

How embarrassing! Just once during my teen years I should have called into a radio show; Casey Kasem or something. Maybe then my reflexes would have taken over and helped me out. Sadly, some moments you just don't get back. Actually, maybe I will get it back. The show, the parts I wasn't distracted during, was really fun and I plan to listen again. It's total arts appreciation, live and on the air. I dig that. So next monday night at 9:00pm EST, Blockhead Rod and the crew will be back for another show. As long as life doesn't get in the way, I'll be there. I may stick to the safety of my spinning chair next week, but who knows? Maybe not.


Huckleberry Arts said...

We are gonna have to have another call in just for you !! Although spinning sounds nice and calm. I could handle that now a days lol

Thanks so much for the great write up and wonderful story behind it to give me a smile tonight!!

Have a beautiful week and see ya again on Monday!

uniquecommodities said...

Great blog write up!