Monday, January 2, 2012

Hairpin Lace Project ~ A 2,000 Loop Situation!

I'm back to work on my hairpin lace project and I feel like I'm in the midst of a fiber situation!  Currently, I'm making the longest piece of lace for which my pattern calls, two thousand loops!  I have no idea how other people handle their hairpin lace, but I feel the need to keep things organized and twist free.  This is no small challenge when you are constantly rotating your work, especially as the lace gets longer and longer. 

For some time now I've been in the habit of using safety pins.  I have pins joining every ten loops on each side.  This means I don't have to worry about the loops getting pulled out of shape and it makes for easy counting.  

Keeping the lace free of twists has been manageable up until now.  Even with pieces 600 to 700 loops long, it's not that hard to stop now and then and untwist the lace.  With this piece however, the length is making things very tedious and my strip is only about halfway there.  Finally, I got the idea to roll up the lace that I have completed so far.  You can see that I have rolled it fairly close to the tool and I'm keeping the roll in place with a regular hair elastic or ponytail holder.  Now when I need to untwist the lace, I'll be able to rotate the whole roll at once.  As the lace continues to grow, I can just take off the elastic and roll more on.  This will makes things much easier.

I'm getting close to having all of the strips ready for this Cardi Wrap.  The next step will be assembling all of my pieces.  I'm getting anxious to see how it will turn out!

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Spinster Beth said...

Wow...I am hugely impressed!

Anonymous said...

I loop my safety-pinned 10-stitch loops in the long stitch markers. Holds them in place and makes it easy to rotate them all. Since the long markers have 2 openings, this takes the guess work out of which set of loops do I work on next! Good luck!

Jenn said...

That's a great idea!