Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doll Hair Top - Mohair designed just for doll making!

This is a new discovery for me so I thought I'd share it with you. I've been working with a special customer over the last month or so. I have been trying to achieve the perfect shade of blond to match the hair on an antique doll. Initially we were using yearling mohair until I discovered Doll Hair Top.

My customer sent me a sample of the fiber I was trying to match and it was smoother and more glossy than yearling mohair. I could tell it was a natural fiber and not a synthetic, so I took out my Louet catalog. Louet North America is one of my distributors. So I'm thumbing through looking for something that might more closely match my sample, and there is was, Doll Hair Mohair. I had never noticed it before, but then again, I had never looked for it. Doll Hair Top is natural mohair with a longer staple length (around 8") and a little more lustor. The added length makes it strong and easier for a doll maker to work with and style. Of course the length would also make a very strong handspun yarn. It would be great for handbags or any project where strength was desired.

The picture I have here is of some Yellow Blond Doll Hair Top that came out a little darker than I needed for my customer. I have four ounces of it for sale at Etsy. It's a pretty shade of yellow blond that I added a touch of golden brown to for depth of color. So if you are a crafter or a spinner and would like to give this a try, pop on over to my shop at Wind Rose. I may just have to add this to my regular inventory in 2009 and work on developing other shades. For now, the blonds have it! See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good to know! I had never heard of this either. Then again, I'm not as well versed in fiber as I should be. (I finally dusted off my wheel tonight after a hiatus - man it felt good to spin again.)

Jenn said...

I'm in fiber up to my ears and I still have trouble finding time to spin. It feels like I'm always working on projects for other people. I'd love to find an hour a day just to sit at the spinning wheel. It's therapeutic!