Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fiber Bead Earring ~ Designing Fun

It seems kind of silly to take a picture of one earring, but that's all I have completed at the moment. I'm still having fun experimenting with fiber beads made on coiled wire.

In this latest design, I coiled the base, added the painted roving and then finished the wire work all while the wire was attached to the coiling gizmo. The whole bead is made with only one cut of wire. That makes me happy.

At first I was going to slip a small chain through the bead and make it into a hanging earring that way. I realized I wouldn't be satisfied with that because the bead might not stay in position and it could look pretty goofy on it's side. That's when I decided to fashion my own hanger for the bead. Not only does this do the job of keeping the bead in place, but I think it looks better than the chain did. The simple wire makes for clean lines and doesn't draw attention away from the fiber bead.

On the bead, I added a loop in the center as I wrapped the wire. This was to allow me to add a dangling bead. I like the bit of sparkle the cut glass bead lends to the overall earring. The full length of the earring comes to two inches. Now I just need to make another one so I have a pair. I realize the 80's are back, but I'm just not ready to go around wearing one long earring!

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