Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Think I Have Enough Crochet Hooks

Over the past couple weeks, I've been doing more cleaning than creating. I don't know why the urge to sort and organize hits me this time of year. It makes no sense really. It's gorgeous outside, yet every fiber of my being tells me to tidy my closets, drawers and all of those smaller spaces that become cluttered throughout the year.

For me, this also means going through my bag collection. I have many totes. I can't go anywhere without a project in tow, but I never seem to go back to the same one. I end up with half a dozen bags filled with all sorts of unfinished creations. Some go unvisited for shameful lengths of time. Going through them feels a bit like walking down memory lane. "Oh yeah, I remember when I was going to make that!" Then I'll think to myself, "That's kind of cute. Why didn't I finish it?"

So yes, like a truly mad woman, I talk to myself as I rediscover my own forgotten work. And let's talk about the tools! For every stowed project, there are hooks and needles, thread and scissors, beads and findings of all sorts. It's the crochet hooks that really get to me. I have so many crochet hooks, but as sure as I'm typing this post, I'll go crazy hunting for a G hook in a couple of months. I'll eventually get tired and frustrated with looking and buy a new one at Michaels. The collection will expand.

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