Friday, May 21, 2010

Love Tutorials?

As a blogger I enjoy seeing where my visitors come from and what interests them. I'm enthralled by the flags of the world as people cross virtual oceans to find information. I still have moments of wonder and awe when it comes to the internet.

It's also cool to discover new blogs. When I scrolled down yesterday to take a peek at my Feedjit widget, I noticed that one of my visitors had arrived from a blog called Totally Tutorials. "That sounds fun," I thought as I clicked on the link.

I found myself perusing a very established blog with hundreds of tutorials and 1,376 followers. Provided are how-tos on over 80 unique categories. New ones are added daily and you can even submit your own tutorial. I love sites like this that are driven by information sharing and spreading the love of all things crafty!

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Anonymous said...

kinda like, isnt it?:D