Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spindelnät Scarf #3 ~ Watch the project from start to finish!

Today I started work on the Spindelnät Scarf project. I changed my mind about using the largest setting for my loom. I have it set at the longest width which is 85 inches. The length (from shoulder to waist) is set at the second longest which is 25 inches. The proportions just looked better to me.

Today I made a base crochet chain to go around the perimeter of the frame. A base crochet is a stitch that creates your beginning chain and your first row of single crochet all at once. I then slipped the single crochet edge, with the right side facing me, onto the nails.

The picture on the left shows that I began slipping the chain onto the loom at the top and middle or what will be at the nape of the neck. I don't think anyone will be able to identify a start or finish point when I'm done, but I chose to start in the middle because I like working from a center point. The photo on the right shows how I just easily slipped the base chain onto the loom.

When I got back up to the top, I joined with a slip stitch to the beginning stitch and did not cut or finish off the yarn in any way. After framing my scarf, I sat down for a long while with paper and a pencil. I did a couple elaborate sketches trying to figure out how to best execute the next phase. I even started work on it, but I'll have to come back with pictures tomorrow because I ran out of natural light.

So I am at a stage in this project where I am kind of looking at my loom and thinking, this is totally going to fall apart on me. The truth of it is, it just might. I feel really good about certain things and then there is the utter not knowing if it will all come together. There's nothing to do at this point, but to keep going forward and work out the problems as they show themselves. Isn't there a saying, something like... "If you are going to fail, fail big?"

I'll be back with more hopefully tomorrow and some companion video as well. Night all!

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