Monday, September 28, 2009

Three Bright Shades of Falkland Top!

Most of my Falkland top has been dyed into very earthy shades per customer request, but I couldn't resist making a few bright colors. Thus I give you: Russet, Burnt Orange and Violet. I know there are many fans of color out there and I think the spinning crowd is really going to like this fiber. If you have never tried Falkland Top before, it has a very nice feel to it. It's soft, but not like merino. It has more crimp and a more porous feel that gives it a nice handle for spinning. The long staple length makes it ideal for anyone learning how to work with a drop spindle.

Also, you just have to love the story behind this fiber. It comes direct from the Falkland Islands. The temperatures there make the environment very free of bugs and disease for the sheep. The flocks are highly valued and treated with excellent care. The processing is like a fairytale. This lucky wool takes a trip to Italy where it is washed using plant based solvents in natural snow melt from the Alpine Mountains. Amazing!

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Dyche Designs said...

What fantastic colors, love the story behind them too.