Sunday, September 27, 2009

Firestar Samplers ~ They're Back!!!

I've been back in the dye kitchen and I've made a big batch of Firestar Samplers. These have become so popular. Everytime I make these samplers I increase the batch size and they still sell out on me before I know it!

Firestar Samplers on Etsy

Firestar Samplers on ArtFire

This listing gives you 3oz of Sparkling Firestar. You'll receive .25oz of 12 different colors. I've included all of the colors in the rainbow and a few in-between!

The colors include: Violet, Gold, Green, Burnt Orange, Fire Red, Ecru, Sapphire Blue, Silver, Bronze, Spruce, Pink and Gypsy Wine

What is Firestar? It's a sparkling nylon fiber, created like roving with a generous (around 4") staple length. It can be spun on its own for a shimmering skein of yarn that would be stunning for warm weather garments. More commonly, it is used to add sparkle to projects. A little Firestar can go a long way. Simply tease loose the fibers and introduce them sparingly to your roving as you spin. The end result will be a skein of yarn full of lustrous shine. Firestar blends incredibly well with other fibers and will even needle felt!

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