Friday, September 11, 2009

Spindelnät Scarf #1~ Watch the project from start to finish!

A couple weeks ago, a picture wandered into my head. This is how personal projects tend to start for me. I see the finished project in my mind and then it is up to my hands and my brain to figure out how to execute the task.

So since I've just begun, I've decided to take you on my creative journey. I'm calling this piece The Spindelnät Scarf. Spindelnät means spider web in Swedish. I'm giving a nod to my mom on that one. She is born of two Swedes.

I'm going to be constructing this scarf, which actually will be the size of a shawl and meant to be worn about the shoulders, on my 7' frame loom. The loom was designed for traditional weaving, but my plan is to go off road on this one. The truth is, I have no idea if the concept in my head will even work. That is part of the creative process though and I guess what makes it enticing to some of us. The idea that I could utterly fail at achieving my goal is very appealing to me. It's the drama of it all. Of course I've been mentally thinking this through in the hopes of success.

Right now I'm still spinning and thinking. My base yarn is done and now I'm working on a flashier trim color which will also be worked into the design. I'm just spinning and thinking. As I make progress, I'll post pictures and describe what I'm doing. If you are interested in following this project, look for posts on this blog entitled Spindelnät Scarf. Watch me succeed or crash and burn, but please wish me well!

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