Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spindelnät Scarf #2~ Watch the project from start to finish!

Hello everyone! Usually my projects do not involve a demolition phase, but this uninspired weaving is occupying my frame loom and it is in the way.

Before I can even begin my Spindelnät Scarf, I must first destroy this shawl that has remained unfinished for about a year now. Think I'm a little crazy? This shawl is just a couple hours from completion, but if I really loved it, it would be done by now. Off it goes!

You may be wondering... "Where does one find such a large frame loom?" Well, I first discovered this gem at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I now live in Arizona, but I come from Virgina. Driving up to the Howard County Fairgrounds became my annual, first weekend of May jaunt. If you can ever make it to this event, you won't regret the effort. So far I have never been to its equal.

But I digress. Back to the frame loom. So I think about five years ago is when I noticed this loom at the festival. I kind of just stood there and drooled as they demonstrated. Somehow I kept talking myself out of it. Then, right after moving to Arizona, I ordered one. I think I was homesick. *laugh* It is officially called The Sprigg's Adjustable Rectangle Frame Loom. You can find one of your own at Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Fiber Studio. They come in different shapes and sizes and I bought my big tripod stand from them as well. If you are not familiar with Hillcreek Fiber, you are going to have a great time browsing their studio!

OK, a couple last pictures for posterity:

And in just a couple minutes and with very little effort:

So the only thing left to do today, is to adjust my loom to the largest setting. When I was naming this project, I liked the sound of the word scarf with the word spindelnät. Spindelnät Shawl just didn't sound as nice to me even though I am planning to make this scarf very generous in size. I'm just taking a little creative liberty.

That's it for today. A companion video is on it's way. Have a great night!

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