Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jacquard Acid Dyes

I'm kind of between projects right now, waiting on fiber and in the middle of a Spirit Jump. It occurred to me that some of you may not know that you can also find dye at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. Over the last year, in addition to all of the fiber I dye, I've been working to expand my inventory.

Jacquard Acid Dyes are what I use to dye my wool, soy silk, alpaca; all of my protein fibers. They offer a huge range of 40 colors and I keep them all in stock at Wind Rose. You can buy just one or a set of three or six. The dyes come with a set of instructions by the manufacturer, and I'm always available to answer questions as well. They are called acid dyes because you use vinegar to set the color. You should see the looks I get when I fill up my cart at Costco with huge bottles of Distilled White Vinegar. LOL!

Ecru Fibers, Ecru Yarns, Jacquard Dyes and tons of Dyed Fiber; It's all at Wind Rose Fiber Studio!

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