Monday, May 18, 2009

You can be a Spirit Jumper!

There are days when you are just doing your normal activities, for me that's tweeting, plurking, blogging, etc., and you stumble onto something extraordinary. Today was one of those days. I was just checking in with my Plurk friends and one of them had blogged about Spirit Jump. It's an incredible endeavor founded by two young cancer survivors which links gift givers with people who are fighting the disease so that they can lift their spirit. A simple gift or a card is all it takes to let someone know that you care about what they are going through.

I love Spirit Jump and all it stands for. It's a wonderful thing to reach out to people and show you care. One of my first thoughts was that this is a program in which my children can also participate. Together we can make things and send them to people in the hopes of putting a smile on their face. I am always looking for ways to involve my kids in giving. It's so important to me that they grow up realizing that they are part of a whole and that they can make a difference in this world.

To learn more, read on or hop a link to Spirit Jump. From now on, Wind Rose Boutique will give a 20% discount to anyone shopping for a Spirit Jump gift. Just type "Spirit Jump" in the message to seller box at your time of purchase or contact me through the shop.

The Mission of Spirit Jump
If you have a shop, artistic abilities or even an extra card in your drawer and you want to give it to a person in need, send us an email that you want to be a Spirit Jumper at We will then connect you directly with a person in need, or we can give you a list of names, a brief description of what their particular cancer battle is and you can choose. When the match is made, We’ll give you that persons mailing address and then it’s up to you to send the gift. It’s a simple.

If you decide to be a Spirit Jumper you will be overwhelmed with the joy and warmth you feel when giving a gift. Additionally, every Spirit Jumper is welcome to write a post on our website and tell our many readers about your shop, blog or website. You may include links, photos and any information you want to be featured on the site. We encourage you to also include why you decided to donate, who you donated to and maybe even a photo of what you donated. This will be wonderful exposure for your shop, blog, website and you will be lifting someone’s spirit, WIN, WIN!

Want to be a Spirit Jumper just email:
Need a spirit jump or know someone who does just email:

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Meaghan said...

What a great post! Im so excited to have you as a Spirit Jumper. And you are so right, its a great charity for the kids too. Its a wonderful way to do something as a family that helps those battling cancer.

I am putting your shop on our website today with the discount info.