Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woven Crystal and Glass Beaded Bracelet

I finally finished! I've been working on this bracelet off and on for a couple weeks now. One morning I got this picture in my head of a collage style bracelet using all different colors and shapes. I could even imagine how to execute it which doesn't always happen for me. Sometimes I get ideas and I'm not really sure about how to make them happen. This time I had a pretty clear vision.

So I set out to create the picture in my head. This bracelet has been to the park, sat next to the pool and watched TV on the couch. In short we've been hanging out together for I'd guess about six hours. If you've ever made a tile or glass mosaic, then you'll appreciate that this piece was very much like solving a puzzle.

I'd work on it for a few minutes, then hold it up to inspect it from different angles. Then I'd work on it some more. I had a couple days where I wondered if I would ever be able to call it complete, but deep down I knew. When the bracelet was done, it would tell me.

So today was the day. Today after one final examination, the bracelet just felt complete. I still had the finishing work to do, loose ends to weave and a closure to fasten. It all went smoothly and the bracelet feels very solid. It weighs just short of 2 ounces and I didn't count, but it's safe to say that there are hundreds of crystal and glass beads woven together. It's ideal for a 5 1/2 inch wrist, but I would put the range at 5 to 6 inches. Any larger and it would be tight. The bracelet is 1" wide and 7" from end to end. I haven't listed it yet. I wanted to come here first and share it with my blog readers. I'll be back to share links once I have it posted at Wind Rose Boutique.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I really love how that turned out! You did a fantastic job :)

kim said...

want want want! this is beautiful!!!!!