Friday, May 29, 2009

My Next Happy Flower

The light is starting to fade here in the desert, but I'm in the mood to blog, so I took a picture of my latest Happy Flower. She's looking pretty cute, is she not? Of course she needs her stem and leaves yet, but they are already crocheted and waiting.

This is only my second Happy Flower and my first Amigurumi design. It takes a little more patience to work with small shapes. You also have to have a certain amount of faith. I start with the head and then embroider the face. Before I make the petals, it just looks like a funny little ball. The petals seem to be what brings Happy Flower to life and give her some personality.

This time I dove into my nice yarn stash and found a high end furry yarn left over from a past project. With a white face, I thought she might need a little more interest and texture to set her off. I love the result. So I guess I'm just a silly, flower crocheting woman today! LOL! Something about this little design just puts a smile on my face!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

It puts a smile on my face too :)