Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot Sun Lock Yarn

I named this new lock yarn "Hot Sun" after the sun that will be shining at 100º+ all this week. This was my weekend to play catch up and I managed to complete almost all of my pending projects. What a great feeling!

You may remember that I started this project on April 28 when I dyed my Coopsworth locks. I still plan on taking some video of core spinning with locks for you, but I wanted to play around a bit first.

I think this skein turned out pretty fun. I found the perfect shade of Merino wool in my stash to compliment the locks and and spun it onto a spool to exaggerate the twist so it would grab my locks. Then I separated out my locks and laid them in a row, ready to be picked up and fed onto the core Merino. This assembly line method worked well although when you spin lock by lock, it does take time. It's also hard to tell how many yards you have on the spool because of the tufts of wool splaying out all over. I really thought I had more than I actually did when I decided to call this skein done. I'm going to have to make a couple more to give my customers more yardage. I also couldn't resist allowing the core yarn to show through now and then. I am just a sucker for that spiral effect it creates which seems so fitting on a novelty yarn.

I think what I realized while doing this project is the range lock spinning offers. You can make anything from a wild and crazy novelty yarn to a beautiful and controlled boucle. I'm sure you'll see some more locks from this spinner in the near future!


Buckette said...

I'm not familiar with novelty yarn, but that is just lovely. Excited to see what comes next.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Have I mentioned I love this yarn???