Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thrumming ~ With Links to Tutorials and Video

I learned something new today and I can't wait to share it with you. It's called Thrumming. The noun thrum means a loose end, fringe, or tuft of fiber. Though I just stumbled onto this word today, I have seen thrumming before, I just didn't know what it was called. And it's hardly a new craft. It's been around for hundreds of years, but it seems to be cycling back to the forefront in popularity.

In my research I came across a lot of thrummed mittens. It does seem like a perfect application. If you live somewhere with cold winters, nothing would feel better than diving your hand into soft tufts of warm wool. Slippers would probably be awfully nice too, but if you allow your imagination to happily wander, I'm sure you'll come up with many fun ideas for working with thrums. To get you started, I've found some wonderful sites for you to explore!

Hello Yarn has a super tutorial with fabulous pictures. If you are a knitter, I definitely recommend a visit there. Also for knitters, I found a Free Pattern for Thrummed MittensDesigned by Corinne Morrison-Morton) by Knitting on the Net which I must also credit with this picture. Knitting Daily also offers a great article How To Insert Thrums In Your Knitting.

OK, but what if you crochet? I couldn't leave the crocheters out because I'm one of them. Guess what? I found a great YouTube tutorial just for us!

Now if you're wondering where you can find some nice, soft roving.... ahem.... Do I really have to say it? I can't help myself! Wind Rose Fiber Studio!


agoodwitchtoo said...

How warm and cozy a pair of mittens would be with the thrumming! Thanks for sharing this cool technique!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those look cozy!