Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Fiber is Coming!

Well I did it. I just placed a huge order! In a week or so I'll be rolling in fiber here at Wind Rose. Some fiber I bought to dye. Others, I purchased to experience them for myself and to offer them to my customers. In the last 18 months of being in business at Etsy, my customers have really shown me that they want to experience everything! I love that about them! So here are some of the new fibers I'll be offering. When they come in, I'll take their pictures so you can see what they look like.

Fine Alpaca Top in Dark Chocolate, Black and Cream
Merino/Angora 80/20
Baby Camel Top (so soft!)
Merino/Yak Top (I just had to try some Yak!)

And of course all the regular friends:

Soy Silk
Hemp and Bamboo
and all the rest!

Summer is my time to build my inventory. I'll be dyeing pounds of fiber so that you'll be able to find all of your favorite colors!

1 comment:

Jags said...

I want some of that yak and maybe some camel for sure!

hmm are you bribeable?

I hit a cashmere sweater streak and am taking them apart to sell and trade *grin* well, If I can stop petting them long enough to do anything lmao!