Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thick and Thin Ecru Yarn

I am having a low energy, mush brain day, but in an attempt to bring myself back, I am going to at least try for a useful blog post. I recently started offering a selection of Ashland Bay Ecru Yarns at Wind Rose Fiber Studio. Here is a picture of the Thick and Thin taken with a standard size pencil and a #11 or 8mm knitting needle. The picture is taken along side a thick portion of the yarn. A customer asked me for this shot to help her gauge how bulky this thick and thin yarn is and what size needles she would want to use. I decided to pass it on. To see more pictures of this soft, Thick and Thin Ecru Yarn made from 100% Highland Peruvian Merino, just click on the link.

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Your Friends at Ashland Bay said...

Nice photo - it perfectly illustrates the think n thin size!