Sunday, May 24, 2009

For Mom

While everyone is out there grilling and enjoying this holiday weekend, I've been finishing up my Mother's Day gift. I'm a little late this year, but the first two things I made with her in mind, just didn't seem right for my mom when they were done. My mom is soft and pretty and likes pastels, so I think I am happy at last. This one is for mom!

The multi-colored bracelet from my last post laid the mental groundwork for this one. I like adding another layer to my work and giving it more depth. The hard part for me was picking out the right materials and colors. Personally, I tend to stay away from pastels favoring more jewel tones. My mother has always gravitated towards softer hues and they do look nice on her. After leafing through page after page of my Fire Mountain Catalog (the big one), I finally decided on Swarovski Crystal Pearls with tiny pink glass seed beads. The crystal pearls are in rose, purple and green. They have a nice lustor and the seed beads add an air of delicacy that I think my mom will like.

I haven't been weaving beads for all that long, so I am feeling pretty proud of myself right now. LOL! I can't help it! I feel like I've gotten past some of those beginner hurdles and I really like how I'm finishing them off now. I also like the pattern I came up with for this bracelet. It's not easy when you live in a house of boys and there is no female feedback. I hold up works in progress and ask in vain for opinions. My husband and sons barely glance and then placate me with "It looks nice." Big help! Thank goodness for the internet!

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