Friday, January 23, 2009

Merino/Silk Roving - 3 Shades of Pink all with a Crimson Base!

New in the Shop at Wind Rose this week are three pretty pinks in Merino/Silk. I just can't say enough about this fiber. Merino is a familiar wool to many of us. It's loved for its softness next to the skin and for its smooth feltability. (That's right... feltability) What could be better? I'll tell you what; blending in gorgeous Tussah Silk. By adding Tussah Silk, the already soft merino becomes even softer and more luxurious and to top it off, you get that incredible silky sheen throughout the fiber. The silk adds so much vibrance and life to what is already an irresistable wool.

This week I had a special request for pinks. I alway dye a little extra to share. the pink of the left is called Earthen Rose and has an earthy brown undertone. The one in the middle is Palest Pink. This is a wonderful shade for the felters who are looking to add a blush to a cheek or dimention to a skin tone. On the right is just Pink because sometimes you just want Pink! What is nice about the three of these colors is that I created them all with the same red base so that they interact and blend well together. Basically, they're just one, big, happy family!

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