Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Soy Beautiful! - Slate Soy Silk!

First of all, I can't believe I just gave this post such a silly name. In my defense, I was just watching Rachel Ray and if you are familiar with her show or her recipes, she names many of her dishes with cute word plays. I think it rubbed off on me today.

Really, I'm just here to show off my latest from the dye kitchen. This is Soy Silk dyed a deep Slate Gray. I really can't say why I love this shade of gray, but I do. It seems counter to my sensibilities. After all, I did move to Arizona to have fewer gray days. I have no gray in my wardrobe to speak of. Maybe it speaks to the jewelry side of me. I do prefer white gold to yellow and silver over anything brassy. Perhaps that is where my love of this shade comes.

I do think we need these darker hues to showcase complimentary tones. I mean, just imagine this with a red or a royal blue. Though with Soy Silk, there is such beautiful shine, It can really stand on it's own.

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