Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look Mom, I Made A Tree!

Have you ever done a craft project with your kids, and when you're done, you feel as excited and proud as they do? You just want to hold it up to your mom and say, "Look what I made!"

Well, that's me right now and hopefully my mom will see this post and say, "That's nice dear."

My son and I have been studying crafts that other cultures brought with them when they immigrated to this country. Today we were talking about the Celtic Irish. Our common saying "knock on wood" comes from them. They believed that spirits lived in trees and you could knock on them for good luck. "I haven't caught the flu this year, knock on wood!"

And so we made this spritely tree and decorated it with glass flowers and leaves. You would have laughed watching us. We'd each add another flower and then exclaim, "Oh look at our tree!" We were both so pleased with ourselves. We also both think it would be cool to make a giant one. This one stands at about twelve inches.

Wouldn't this be an awesome earring tree? If I ever start doing craft shows again, I'm going to make two or three of these to show off my jewelry. If you want to make one, our source book is Crafts Across America by Cindy A. Littlefield.


WonderWhyGal said...

What a wonderful way to teach children about culture and arts.

I love the tree and it would make a great jewelry holder.

Zzz said...

Oh, cool :)