Friday, August 20, 2010

Handmade Dolls from Kyrgyzstan ~ Felt and Embroidery

Can you believe that I still have more folk art to share from the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market? You're probably wondering if there is anything I didn't come home with. The truth is, there were so many amazing artists, that it was painful to pick and choose. There are booths that I still think about and wish I had gone back to!

The felted and embroidered dolls that I'm sharing today were part of an extraordinary display from Kyrgyzstan. All of the designs were so dear, but I loved these two ladies that had a more traditional style to them. They seemed to be a true reflection of the artist, Erkebu who was also there in traditional dress.

"Erkebu Djumagulova is a textile artist from the capital city of Bishtek, Kyrgyzstan, who is a master at capturing the expressions and customs of the villagers of her native Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia through the intricately dressed dolls she makes from embroidered felt wool, silk and yarn. Drawn to the traditional Kyrgyz felt arts since childhood, Erkebu followed her dreams all the way to professional art college where she carefully researched and learned the intricate arts of felt making from local folk artists around the country. Today, her repertoire includes traditional clothes and decorated household items in addition to the felt dolls for which she is most well known."

Information about Erkebu Djumagulova provided by the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market website.

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meemz said...

Almost as cute as my 'lil jenn!