Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tasseled Miser's Purse ~ Crochet-Along ~ Free Pattern

A couple days ago, I received a gentle reminder that I still haven't written the pattern for my latest design, the Tasseled Miser's Purse. You've been more than patient and I'm very grateful for your interest. In fact, though I had originally planned to sell this pattern, I have decided to give it away!

It's actually been so long since I've worked on this purse, that I had trouble locating it in my studio. To refresh my memory, I'll be crocheting an new purse while I write the pattern. This presents the perfect opportunity for a crochet-along. I love doing these and if you've ever participated in a Wind Rose crochet-along before, you know I love to take lots of pictures as I go. So if you like this design, get ready, tell your friends and your Ravelry buddies, because here we go!

First, quickly, if you are unfamiliar with miser's purses, they were popular in the 19th century and ranged from very simple cotton versions to ornate designs fit for royalty. They were carried by both men and women. Men often carried them in their pockets, but they were also worn tied around the waist. This design is made with a key ring and looks pretty carried as a clutch. It's very comfortable to slip a finger through the ring and curl your hand around the drawstrings.

Drawstrings? That's right! This purse opens and closes by a series of drawstrings. You simply pull on the opening and the strings slide through the fabric. When you want to close the purse, you pull on the ring and the opening is drawn shut. The name "miser" was inspired by this somewhat restricted and sneaky access to the pouch. On a positive note, it's very hard to lose your market money when it's held in a miser's bag.

Shopping time! Here's what you will need to make your own Tasseled Miser's Purse:

1 skein of Patons Classic Wool - Black
1 skein of Patons Silk Bamboo - Sapphire
Crochet hook size H or 8 (USA 5mm)
1 inch diameter key ring
Czech glass beads 3 @ 8mm, 8 @ 4mm
Tapestry needle (large eye needle)

Oops, and I almost forgot, a needle and thread for sewing on your beads.

Now I'm going to take a little time to study my own design and give you a chance to gather your materials. I won't take too long. I don't want you to think I've forgotten again. By tomorrow afternoon, I'll have part one posted.

*Note - In the first two parts of this pattern, you will see a size G crochet hook in the pictures. I did start working this pattern with a G and then realized it was the next size up that I wanted. So please ignore the G hook in the photos and use an H hook.

As we crochet-along together on this project, please feel free to comment, especially if you have questions or need clarifications. See you tomorrow!

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flamingrose said...

Go purses! Bet you can't have just one!♥

Joan said...

Hi there...Love this little pattern. Just started fooling with it and duh! it started taking shape correctly. I got most of the way through making this with a smaller hook and now see why you switched to the larger. Gonna dig out a larger hook and start over. Have some ruffled stuff and think I'll put some on the pouch. Will post to Ravelry. Thanks so much for your work...

Lee Ann said...

What a beautiful purse! Although this is a 2010 post, I just found this pretty Miser purse today. I want to make one in several colors now. Thank you very much for posting this! :). :). I love your blog too!

Unknown said...

Hi! Want to make this for a friend, but wondering what size/thickness both your yarn/string are...thanks!

Joan said...

Hi...I have made this purse with size 3 and 10 cotton, with Schulana Macaibo, which is a lightweightcotton/viscose blend ribbon,Katie Syros, and with lace weight wool.