Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet Susan Limprecht ~ A Ceramic Artist With A Flair For Fiber!

I opened up my email yesterday to find a special treat waiting for me. My first thought was, "Oh, I want to share this on my blog!" As a result, I am very pleased to introduce you to Susan Limprecht, the artist who created these magnificent sheep!

Aren't they wonderful? Their faces have so much personality. I zoomed in on a picture trying to decide what medium was used. I asked Susan if they were carved from wood. She explained that they were made of high fire ceramic..."I finish them with under glazes and make that wood like appearance."
Let me show you their close-ups. You can click on the pictures to make the images larger:

The sheep are 7" long and 6" tall. Susan says she may open an Etsy shop one of these days, but for now she can be reached by email:

Wait! That's not even close to being all! I just had to show you the sheep first, but they are just the beginning...

Susan has loved ceramics since she was a teen and was an art major in college. A busy mom of 3 boys, her art was set aside for a time. (Many of us can relate to that, can't we?) Now her son's are grown and about three years ago, Susan made her way back to the clay studio and began sculpting again.

She trains under under Joey Chiarello, one of the up and coming top contemporary ceramic artists. You can really see how detailed her work is with her Samurai Bunny. Susan says this rabbit "is the patron saint of all of the baby bunnies that are in my is her job to protect them from all predators that dine on them!"

Here are a couple more pictures of Susan's Samurai Bunny:

Before I leave you today, I have to include more pictures of Susan's work. I just couldn't pick favorites. They're all so special and unique. Does Susan have a favorite? She did tell me that she is particularly fond of her hand carved African Grey Parrot.

Once again, you should be able to view a larger image by clicking on the individual photographs. The pug head and the African Grey Parrot are both rattles. "The goat is 12 inches long and 9 inches high...and has the natural fleece. The pig is painted with old embroidery patterns and the tree has interchangeable song birds and crows."

Susan is also a very avid gardener and lives on over 2 acres in the Pacific Northwest. She keeps even busier still with horses. In her own words she is "owned by 5 horses". This made me laugh. I bet those horses do have ideas about how Susan should spend her time!

I want to thank Susan Limprecht for sharing so much of herself and her art. I have really enjoyed my peek into her world and I hope you have too!


Kathryn Dyche said...

Wow, what great pieces.

WonderWhyGal said...

How beautiful! To combine fiber with ceramics and to have the pieces so full of character. I love it. Thank you for sharing Susan limprecht and her gorgeous creations.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Wow, Susan is really talented. I love the little sheep.

Jenn said...

Isn't her work great? I really hope she opens that Etsy store!

Waterrose said...

Oh, you can certainly tell that she loves what she does.All of the pieces are amazing....and so creative!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, nice work. Those little sheep should stay warm! Trent