Friday, February 4, 2011

Megan's Headband ~ Free Crochet Pattern ~ Part II

Today I'm back with Part II of Megan's Headband. I've put our Headband Diagram here where it will be handy. We will be referring to markers 1 - 19 throughout this section. Are you ready? Here we go!

The Lace

*Note - I feel I should acknowledge that I'm writing this pattern as a right handed crocheter. This pattern will work out equally well whether you work from right to left or left to right. As always, you should do what feels natural for you.
**Note - I will be referring to the stitch markers as follows: Marker #6 = M#6. Remove each stitch marker just before you work in that stitch.

Row 1: Begin with a slip knot on your hook. Join to M#6 with a single crochet (18), Chain 5, 2 double crochets in M#7 (19), Ch 5, 2 double crochets in M#8, continue on in this pattern until you reach M#14, after you work 2 double crochets in M#14, ch 4, join to M#15 with a single crochet. You should have 9 loops on your headband (20).
Row 2: Chain 4 turn, skip first loop, *2 double crochet in next loop, chain 4* 7 times, 2 double crochet in last loop, chain 3, join with single crochet to M#5. (each row should create 9 loops)

***Note - Now is a good time to sew in your beginning tail end. You can weave it right under the headband just as you did in part one.

Rows 3-9: repeat Row 2. At the end of each row, join to the next stitch marker along the headband. By the end of Row 9, all of the stitch markers will have been removed except M#1 (25)

Here are some pictures to show how the lace progresses. (21-23) show the right, top and left side of the headband after completing Row 3. (24) shows the headband after the completion of Row 6. You can see that there are still 4 stitch markers left. In photo (25) I have once again justified the picture to take on the shape of the Headband Diagram. This photo shows the headband after completing Row 9. Only M#1 remains. Photo (26) shows a front view of the headband after completing Row 9.

Row 10: Chain 3, turn, 2 double crochet in first loop, *single crochet between two double crochets from previous row, chain 1 (27), 3 double crochets in next loop* 8 times, join with slip stitch to M#1. Finish off. Weave final tail end under the headband as before.

Row 10 gives your headband a nice scalloped edge. Your headband is now complete! Here are some pictures of my finished headband:

As you can see, from the front, it just looks like a regular headband. From the side angles, it has the look of a cute kerchief. The back gives you a full view of the striking lace you just made.

I hope you enjoy this pattern. If you have any questions, I do my best to check in regularly, so feel free to leave a comment. You can also contact me through Wind Rose Fiber Studio on Etsy.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Ksenia said...

WOW! I've nevre seen anything like this! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

lucille said...

This reminds me of some of the old victorian styles when I was a kid. I am eager to get this pattern. Thank you

Unknown said...

I think I am going to try and make it longer so you can tuck your hair in, like a snood. Think that might work?

Jenn said...

Sure, I think it would be fairly easy to modify that way. You could add additional rows and then weave a ribbon through the last one so that you could tie it up. I'm sure you'll come up with a fun design! :D