Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Little Hand Crafted Nostalgia

I was looking for earrings to match my outfit this morning and picked these from my collection.  Then I got to thinking about when I made them.  After a little mental math I realized that these earrings are about 23 years old.  I made them when I was single, living in an apartment.  A mattress on the floor was my bed and I waited tables to make ends meet.  I had pillaged other jewelry for the beads and ear wires.  I used a regular sewing needle and thread to piece them together.  I remember having fun making them and though they are just simple wooden earrings, I've always enjoyed wearing them.  

I guess at 23 it's safe to consider these vintage, but vintage what?  Vintage me?  These are me before marriage and kids, before I started crocheting again and years before Wind Rose Fiber Studio.  One of the reasons I'm attached to them is that I made them long before I thought of myself as a person who makes things.  It makes me wonder about my crafting friends.  Do you have anything like this, that you made long ago and still wear today?  What's vintage you? 

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Heather Woollove said...

I have made and given away so many projects over the years. I recently saw my first (and only) hand-pieced, hand appliqued cedar chest runner at a friend's house, still in use after many (many) years and I thought, "Oh, that looks really nice!" I had totally forgotten about it.
No jewelry for me, though. :)