Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lace Weight Jute ~ It's almost gone!

About 18 months ago I bought this giant cone of lace weight jute at a guild auction.  Somewhere in my mind I thought that the crafting community would find uses for it.  Maybe the primitive doll makers or scrapbookers would like it.  On the other hand, I could wind up owning a giant spool of jute for the rest of my life.  In the end, I think I bought it because there was something absurd about buying over 11 pounds of jute.
I brought it home and started selling 2.5oz, center pull balls of jute for $1.20.  I figured the $1 was fair compensation for my time winding the jute into a ball and the .20 covered the listing fee.  So for just over a dollar, you could have 225 yards of lace weight jute for... whatever.
To my surprise, the jute was a big hit.  I found myself winding jute for people on a regular basis.  Still, the cone was so big that no matter how many balls I wound, it seemed to stay the same size.  Eventually, over time, my giant hunk of jute did shrink until one day this week a customer asked for $20 worth and I just sent her all I had left on the cone.  All that remains of the original 11+ pounds are 3 balls of jute that I had already wound and stored with my other fibers.

It feels the the end of an era, the jute dynasty or something.  Even my kids said, "Aw, the jute's gone?"  Absurd!  Well, even though this is a rather odd post to say the least, I wanted you to know that it's your last chance to buy 2.5oz of Lace Weight Jute for $1.20.  When these last three skeins are gone, they're gone for good.  Goodbye Jute!

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