Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snowfall Studio ~ Crocheted Plushies for Children

I am very excited to share a new store on Etsy called Snowfall Studio.  The owner of this shop, Kristen, is a good friend.  We met when our oldest sons were both toddlers.  Each week our little playgroup would come together and we'd spend a couple hours trying to keep the kids happy while we also tried to have adult conversation.  Of course most of these conversations ended up being about our kids.  

When Kristen joined the group, I admired her right from the start.  She was quiet, but I could tell that she was tuned in to everything.  The rug rat chaos often made me crazy, but if it bothered Kristen, her face revealed nothing.  At coffee time with my husband, I would recount the previous play date and tell him that the wise woman of the group was certainly Kristen.  

Over the years we've stayed in touch even though we have both moved away from the neighborhood where we first met.  Kristen is the mother of four beautiful kids.  The youngest is now in school, so for the first time in 14 years, she has a little free time.  She is devoting some of these precious hours to making original, crocheted designs for children.  

I love her mermaids with their Waldorf inspired simplicity and their whimsical details.  The one to the left is my favorite because I like the colors.  I guess I have a thing for brunettes.  I didn't mean to saw her in half, but I want you to be able to click on the picture and see the details for yourself.  I love the shape of the mermaid's tail and Kristen's stitches are so flawless.  The starfish accents are the perfect touch to bring your imagination to life as you picture this mermaid in her magical home.  

Kristen also makes kitties, turtles and birds.  Quality is very important to her as she knows these will become beloved toys.  They are made for play and though I may be getting a little old for dolls, I'm getting ready to place an order at Snowfall Studio.  I can just see my mermaid, perched on a rock by the swimming pool or maybe on the chaise with a good book! 

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