Friday, January 27, 2012

Flower Power Pinned Brim Hat ~ A New Design!

My inspiration for this hat was threefold.  First and foremost, Craft Hope's Project 16: The Littlest Warriors energized my creative juices.  There's no better feeling than creating with a purpose and supporting kids through their cancer treatments is very motivating.  As a mom, my heart really goes out to those families and how difficult it must be. My inspiration for the style came from my love of 20's fashion with a little 70's flower power thrown in the mix.  I also kept in mind that this hat would be worn by a girl who will be spending time in bed or on the couch recuperating.

As you can see, the back of the hat turns up like a traditional beanie.  The brim is soft and flexible, so even if one is laying on their side, it will feel comfortable. The more angled shape of the crown, gives this hat some stylish flare while still keeping it cozy and practical.

I have a couple busy days ahead, and then I hope to get this pattern written down.  I have a little niece that I think would look adorable in this hat, so I think I have to make one more.  I also have another design rolling around in my head.  This one will be keeping for the boys.  If I can manage to make what I see in my mind, I think it will be fun and a little funky! 

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