Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The First Dye of 2012

Yesterday, a customer asked me how to place an order.  Thinking she was new to Etsy, I explained how ordering works.  Then she wrote back to clarify.  She wanted to know how to order certain colors that didn't appear in the shop.  If that's not a "get back to work" push, I don't know what is!

It was my idea to try to keep 40 shades of Merino in stock, so I guess I'd better get busy.  It's so easy to slack off during the holidays, but it's time to replenish the inventory at Wind Rose

I'm dyeing 1.5 pounds of Merino broken down into 4oz lots.  Each will get their own color in their turn.  Up first on the stove are the reds.  Russet and Crimson are on the menu today.  They take a little more time, thus giving me a chance to write.  Waiting in cue are four more bowls of pre-soaked wool.  They will be dyed Happy Green, Pink Blush, Golden Ochre, and Bright Yellow.  

Depending on how fast everybody dries, they should be in the shop by tomorrow afternoon.  Up next I'll be making sure the rest of the reds and pinks are in stock since Valentine's Day is the next big holiday.  It might take a week or two, but I'll get all of the colors back in stock.  Then I'm determined to get some Skin Tone Samplers dyed!

Well, that's what's on the stove at Wind Rose.  What's cookin' in your kitchen? 


Lona said...

Absolutely nothing! It's been nice to have a break. But hubby (the sock knitter) is scraping the bottom of the barrel for sock yarn, and is starting to crank out an alarming amount of plain socks. I think dyeing needs to be brought to the front burner...

Jenn said...

LOL, I'm still trying to process "hubby (the sock knitter)". How wonderful!