Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Ashford Joy ~ Follow-up Thoughts

I have a couple follow-up thoughts on my post about my new Ashford Joy.  I remarked before that I bought this model because I've admired how quiet and smooth it spins.  Then when I put mine together only to find that the treadle legs knock into each other, I thought maybe the quiet Joys must have been single treadle.  

Well, one of the members of my guild was at the multicultural festival yesterday with her joy and it was a double treadle!  I watched her spin and it was as quiet and smooth as ever.  I know she has had her wheel for a number of years and I noticed something different in the design of her Ashford Joy.  

The picture of the Joy I have here is what I received.  Notice that the left treadle leg is the foremost.  On my friend's wheel, it was the other way around.  I came home and searched for articles about the Joy from a few years ago and found a YouTube video of a Joy from 2006 designed like the one my friend has.  Somewhere along the way, it seems that they have changed the design, but I'm not sure they have done so for the better.  

I don't have any expectations for myself, but I think I'm going to write to the company and share my experience.  Maybe the one I received was flawed or perhaps this change in the design is causing problems for everyone.  Spinning wheels are pretty big investments, so a new wheel should be a smooth, running machine. 

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Lona said...

Good luck. I would be unhappy, too.