Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Felted Lantern Necklace ~ Companion Video

The Felted Lantern Necklace is one of the free crochet patterns you'll find here on my blog. I'm getting ready to use this pattern for a crochet class, so I decided to make a companion video.

When I first designed this necklace, it was for a young crochet class. At the time I called it "The Hopes and Dreams Necklace". That might sound like a funny name, but there's a reason. Each student selected a special little stone and as they did so, they attached to it one of their own secret hopes or dreams. Then, as we crocheted the pendant, the little stone was placed inside. Once felted, only the crocheter knows the secret of the stone. The necklace becomes a symbol of that particular hope or dream.

When I published the pattern here on my blog, I changed the name to The Felted Lantern. I was afraid that The Hopes and Dreams Necklace might sound a little silly to the general population. I chose The Felted Lantern because the shape reminded me of the Chinese paper lanterns so many of us make as children. I sort of regret changing the name, but the pattern has been published in several places, so it would be confusing to switch now. I just thought I'd share the story of the necklace with you tonight.

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