Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Regensburg Scarf ~ Three Great Looks

I've been talking about The Regensburg Scarf for about a month now. Today I'm here with a look at what the pattern will include. This scarf is similar to The City Scarf, the pattern I just released, but it has a few key differences.

1 ~ The Regensburg Scarf is worked up in medium [4] weight yarn. This makes it more suited for the colder months. In addition to the benefit of being warm, you need less yardage for the overall project. You only need about 250 yards and I'm erring on the high side with that amount.

2 ~ It has ruffles! I named this scarf after the city of Regensburg, Germany because it was there that I saw ruffles being highlighted in the little boutiques. In the top photo, I have the top turned over so that the ruffles appear like an edging. In this next picture, it has almost a turtleneck look. Imagine how cozy this will feel on a cold winter day.

If you really want to bundle up, you can fold the top back down and add a little tie in the front. Now neither wind nor snow will slow you down!

3 ~ Variety! This pattern will include some variations on the basic pattern. You may decide to make the ruffles a little more pronounced as in this natural colored scarf or have no ruffles at all. This multicolored yarn had so much texture, ruffles just didn't seem necessary.

The Regensburg Scarf pattern has been really fun to work with. I kind of can't stop making them. I have a stack of yarn in my studio set aside just for making into Regensburg Scarves. I can't wait to see how they look. Come to think of it, I need to show you one more picture.

Here's an example (the orange scarf) with the ruffles made in a different yarn or in this case ribbon. The ruffle is a great place to showcase those pretty novelty yarns hiding out in your stash. It seems like art yarns often come in smaller skeins, but with just 40 yards, you can have a striking scarf ruffle.

Okay, so where's the pattern? Um... alright, it's still in my head, but tomorrow I'm determined to start writing and by the end of the weekend, I should have the pattern ready. I'll definitely come back with a link when the time comes!

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